27th Zlatý Voči

The 27th edition of the Zlatý Voči International Film Festival took place on 9 and 10 September 2022 at the Kavalírka Cinema. Like every year, not only students of the Department of Film Studies but also film enthusiasts and theorists gathered to enjoy a weekend full of student films, audiovisual essays, music and other rich off-programme.

The festival offered a total of 47 films from all over the world in 6 screening blocks:

  • DISTANCE→CLOSENESS section presented films reflecting the themes of isolation, the crisis of communication and inaccessible intimacy
  • CAMERA OBSCURA offered grotesque, dreamlike and otherwise inverted or distorted views of our reality
  • SUPERNOVA section and its filmmakers problematized and subverted established gender norms in their films
  • HOMIES and the block of audiovisual essays showed the films of Czech students of audiovisual theory
  • FAR OUT, the only non-competitive, yet fan-favourite section, defied any labels, classifications and pigeonholes

The festival’s off-programme followed two debates centred around the post-pandemic film experience – The Transformations of the Pandemic Image and Reality TV and Covid Binge-watching. And each evening, our visitors enjoyed a rich musical programme thanks to vibrant independent bands and wild DJ sets.

List of prizes and winners of the 27th Zlatý Voči:

  • Zlatý Voči Award (main festival prize) – Jáchym Šidlák, Zpátky k troskám
  • Gaze of Jiří Anger (best audiovisual essay) – Jan Kinzl, Laura Mulvey na Prázdninách v Římě
  • Homies Award (best Czech film) – Kateřina Boušková, Pohovor
  • Chris Marker’s Objective (best documentary) – Xavier Lavernhe, Torches of Freedom
  • Kurt Kren’s Scratched Glasses (best experimental film) – Teodora Arsic, Pera Doesn’t Know When His Wife Died, Let Alone a Hippo

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