The applied films can compete in five different festival categories: Best Picture, Best Documentary Film, Best Avant-garde Film, Audience Award and Audio-Visual Essay. The winner of each category will receive a unique statuette created by the The Secondary Vocational School of Arts and Crafts Podkovářská workshop. The awards also comes with different prizes by our sponsors – DVDs, books, comic books, posters and others.

Zlatý Voči (‘The Golden Eyes’) – main festival award, best picture

Objektiv Chrise Markera (‘Chris Marker’s Lens’) – best documentary film

Poškrábaný brejle Kurta Krena (‘Kurt Kren’s Scratched Glasses’) – best avant-garde film

Percepční voko publika (‘The Audience’s Perceptive Eye’) – best film according to the festival visitors

Gaze Jiřího Angera – best audio-visual essay