Zlatý voči is special because of the variety of its awards which have been given throughout the years. The form of the awards has alternated between reincarnations of previous ones and brand new categories.

Traditional awards of the Zlatý voči festival: 

Traditionally, the festival jury was given a free hand in this task, which meant new awards were produced every year. Thus the problem of having a specific award but no film to fit its characteristics was partly eliminated. The distinctiveness of every jury came to the surface as well, when they applied their theoretical background to the names of the awards so they were as if they were intended for screened pictures. But it became necessary to formalise the unsteady division between “traditional” and “special” and come up with a constant number of awards to give away every year. As of this year, these awards are:

Zlatý voči – since 1988, the main festival award (originally designed by David Černý and Martin Mička)

The Eyes of Jeanne Moreau – since 1994, for the discovery of femme fatale in film

Chris Marker´s Lens (Pink Glasses before) – since 1994

Scratched Glasses of Kurt Kren – since 1998, for avant-garde contributions

The Perceptual eye of the audience – since 2009, the best film according to the audiences of the festival

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