Accompanying programme


Digitalisation and art

- tuesday 12. 5. - 18:00

What is digitalisation of art and what are the approaches to do it? The need to preserve and keep artwork is more and more important these days and one of the possible solutions is digitalisation. But what are the pros' and cons' of digitalisation? Is it really the right way? These and more themes will be discused by Anna Batistová (director of the audiovisual fond of the NFA), Ladislav Bezděk, head of the documentation fond and library section of the NPÚ, Dagmar Michoinová, head of the technological laboratory of the NPÚ and Petr Šikoš, chairman of the board of the České bijáky foundation.


  Between the film and visual art

  - wednesday 13. 5. - 17:00

What is the relationship between video mapping, VJing and the other forms of visual art and film? What is the language they are using and what are they telling us? Those and other themes will be discussed by Martin Mazanec, visual artists Dan Gregor and Petr Šprincl, theorist Kateřina Svatoňová and leader of the visual art group Lunchmeat Jakub Pešek.







Zlatý voči has some rich history behind them. The festival itself started in the 80s and since that it was organized by lot of different people and had many faces. About that and a lot of other themes is our documentary film, specially filmed to celebrate 20th birthday of the festival.



Acid Row - stoner rock band from Plzeň





GSMKNSTWRK - DJ set - „… from Richard Wagner to the near future…“


Eartarian - Mash up a glitch pop





František Týmal - is interested in the experimental film, new media and the usage of the moving picture in the fine arts and theatre. He is co-founder of the web platform Kinoapará In his work he is focusing on the artistic quality of the product and an innovative approach in the usage of the technology.
















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